Had the strangest idea this morning as I was lying in bed, getting ready to drag myself out. “Y’know what might be interesting? I’ll start a blog!” And this place seemed like as good a place to start as any.

I have all sorts of things that I’m interested in that I don’t talk about to anyone that knows me. (Why? Couple a’ reasons, we’ll get to those when they come up.) Or the people that I do know and tell these… well… some of these things to, they just nod their head and do the “Uh-huh.” thing. I get that alot. So just humor me here and lemme enjoy rambling on about various things to complete strangers.  The plan was to do this on a nightly basis, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m feeling chatty now, so I’ll start out, uh, now, but normal updates should be made nightly. Blog what blogs at midnight and all that. If something extra nifty comes up and I can sneak it in here otherwise, I will, but I make no gau-ran-tees.

So it’s early… and I see that I need to edit my timezone here, so I’ll get to that. Weighed myself after getting up, as I understand that’s a good time to do it. Some silliness about calories burned off while sleeping (not that I’m a nigh insomniac anyway) gives you a fresh start if you weigh yourself just after you get up and before you eat anything. So, yeah, I’m a “strong” 125lbs, where the little indicator thing is on the far right side of the 125 mark notch. Which is still good, I guess, but the gut is still there. I don’t need to lose any weight, I just want a flat stomach. Blasted holidays and blasted baked goods. Ah well, hopefully my stand-up stomach crunchy exercise routine will work like it looked like it was going to before and it’ll flatten the old tummy out again. Just need to be careful to work around the hernia surgery spot pain, but I -still- think there’s some weird balance I need to achieve with what I eat to make that pain go away.

Had too much for lunch, a plate covering serving of chicken, stuffing, and gravy. Didn’t look like much at first, but cutting the chicken up sure did spread it out over the plate. The question now though is whether or not I should get a piece of cake before getting in the shower. And yes, I know I was just complaining about having a gut, but I need to make sure that I get the most bang for my buck, so to speak, out of what I eat. If I eat too much, my stomach quits working right and I end up in horrible pain. So I try to nickel and dime my eating, mixing healthy stuff (yeah yeah, gravy not healthy) with high calorie stuff. Like cake. And my blood relations are trying to get me to put on a few pounds anyway, so the pies and such have been plentiful. Ugh. Blasted societal perceptions of image.

Sundays are usually my off day anyway, where I -prefer- to get in muhmorpugging, video games (Fallout 3 currently, lots more on that later), and reading the last of my comics (Um.. what’s left? Gotham City Sirens and Star Wars Legacy. Lots more on Star Wars and superheroes later too. Hey, I admit I’m a geek.) bought earlier in the week. But I’ll get to those after I log in to the Isles for a bit. Still in a zombie mood. Don’t know why. But my scientific zombie guy needs some levels, though I won’t be able to get in enough for a Strike Force later on tonight with my guildmates. But hey, I can always try.

So I should be back later on tonight after logging out the first with observations from the rest of the day.



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