Binary me

Well, got to do most of what I wanted today. Went with the cherry pie instead of the cake, for what it’s worth. >.>

Actually sat down for dinner. Still have to favor my left thigh, but the leg strengthening exercises seem to be working, if incredibly slowly. Didn’t have any stomach problems either, well, nothing major, so it seems to be the case that if I don’t eat too much and sit down while doing it, I’m okay.

My last two comics were actually Star Wars: Legacy and Secret Six. Legacy focused on Cade Skywalker and some of the Moff silliness. (I still have a little trouble keeping all of the political factions straight, and the Moffs are the worst for who’s who. It’s getting like the Wheel of Time where it’s hard to keep track of all the characters.) I can’t believe I’m actually starting to like Cade. Jariah is pretty cool too, but he did something nasty with a Jedi that gave even me pause, though I don’t remember the specifics. Left a female to slavers maybe? It was something that made me go “Ew.”

Secret Six was okay. Picked up from what I’m guessing was the Suicide Squad Blackest Night one-shot. Still hate Catman, but at least Black Alice is sticking around. So that’s two characters I like, her, and Bane.

Read a few more pages of Rule of Two. I -really- need to finish that so I can read the new Wheel of Time book and then finally the Dresden Files books I’ve been sitting on, but the Dredd Case files Vol 2 should be showing up soon too, and I never even finished reading Vol 1, so, gah. And on the 2000AD note, I won’t be able to send my Future Shock submission out Monday due to Martin Luther King Day, so that’ll have to wait until Tuesday. At least I’ll have time to get everything ready to go though. Should be a slow day tomorrow at the office.

Played Fallout 3 for a while with my ebil assassin ghoul girl. Just hit level 14 and got Contract Killer, but I’m still up in the air on the effectiveness of the character, just like with every detailed RPG I play, the first character I do ends up getting scrapped after I get a hang of the rules and get an idea of how to streamline builds. I still can’t remember if I put any points in Energy Weapons at first, but I do still wish I’d went with Commando over Gunslinger. Started using Sydney’s Ultra 10mm finally, but I may just stop on small arms and focus on Melee, since the Chinese Sword does go better with the ninja concept and Perk. Still, the cyborg/energy weapons/unarmed  good guy and the heavy weapons chaotic ebil guy are nagging at me to go back to them. Gorram alt-itis is catching up to me in console games. T_T

Warning: Lots of muhmorpuguh speak in the following two paragraphs.

Didn’t get to do a Strike Force in the Isles. Ended up on a Mothership Raid, which is a lag fest like you wouldn’t believe but it nets a ton of Vanguard Merits. I did get enough to buy the Vanguard boots, though my Black Adam analogue doesn’t really need them. We switched to running lowbies after that, and I got 3 levels on my zombie science guy. Had some troubles with the power pools, didn’t know what to pick. Went with Leadership, but Assault seemed a bit of a bust with the  zombies, um, dying, so I need to either respec or set up a dual build to get rid of that in favor of Medicine, but -that- will be a pain to redo all the macros. *sigh*

Tomorrow night is guild meetin’ night, but we’re still a shell of our former activity levels, and I have no desire to do major recruiting anymore. I did finally make the Lady of Cats a co-admin on our forums, maybe we’ll finally transfer leadership of the group over tomorrow night for something to do.

And like I usually do, left Food Network on during the Raid. Worst Cook in America was on, which is sort of a blah show. Jen, the goth rockabilly girl is cute, but the other girl with the massive glasses is like Velma from Scooby Doo made flesh and she creeps me out. And Beau seems to be nasty for the sake of it and comes off as a major jerk, but Battalli’s assistant (wow, didn’t know how to spell that word at first) girl isn’t much better.

Hey, posting during the midnight hour! Heh. And I think I’ll start naming these by the song either playing as I finish typing the draft or running through my head at the time. The song I listed at the start was a little -too- generic, so we’ll go with this one instead, even if it is incredibly obscure.



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