The Darkness

A strong 125 today.

Forgot to mention that last night was a sleeping “aide” night. Been doing that for a while now since the Paranormal Activity debacle. The only regular night I do it though is Sunday, since I tend to stay up until anywhere between 3 and 5AM Friday and Saturday nights. I know I shouldn’t do that, but it’s nice to have some peace and quiet and time to myself. Only other time I take the sleeping aide are the nights following any restless nights. Somewhat related, had a weird dream about traveling somewhere with my blood relations where we were all packed real sardinelike in some white jeep like vehicle. The thing that stands out though was that one blood relation started talking to me about the cover band he saw me playing in. Which is funny, considering that I’ve only been practicing bass since November, but more on that later.

Sat down for dinner again today. So far so good there.

Sam’s Club sure are taking their sweet time with my contacts. 7-10 days from January 7th, and still nothing. Going to call them tomorrow. Depends on when the stuff shows up, but this may screw with my previous schedule of a new pair Monday mornings, which is only annoying because I’ll need to change all the reminders I programmed into my cell phone that every other Sunday was time to switch contacts. Grrr.

2 days to Dark Avengers #13!

Marvel announced a new book today called Her-Oes. It’s supposed to be pronounced “heroes” but it’s still one of the worst names for a comic, ever. Could be interesting though, it’s one of those “the superheroes are teenagers” things like Iron Man: Armored Adventures. But it focuses on Wasp, “Jenny” She-Hulk Walters, Ms Marvel, possibly Valkyrie, and it looked like Namora will be the main antagonist. And it’ll be written by a woman. Sounds amusing, but it’ll also be done under Marvel Adventures, which is All Ages, which is slightly dumbed down, so… we’ll see. Might get the first issue just for amusement’s sake.

3 days to new episodes of Supernatural!

Day 10 of the Master Roshi goatee experiment. For my next costume for the main comic book convention I go to, it was either gong to be Roshi or Darth Malak. But in light of the whole band thing absorbing my pretty cash, and the con schedule being goofy last year with the new building I figure I’ll just go for Roshi for now, and slllooowwwllly start working on Malak. And Malak would be the most intensive costume I’ve ever done by far, so better to spend some time on it and do it right. I still think I can pull it off, even if I’m somewhat short. ‘Sides, for Roshi, all I need to do is buy the kung fu shoes, pants, and shirt, all of which I should be able to buy off of one site for pretty cheap. Then it’s a matter of getting the big sunglasses, which shouldn’t be -too- hard. After that, it’s down to just letting my goatee grow out.

The thing about that though is that a bushier mustache gets annoying quick. Stuff gets stuck in it, (oil from stuff like pizza being the worst) and it sticks with you for the rest of the day, and… blagh.

It would be part of the point though of my doing the Roshi costume anyway, as I -do- resemble the character, and I could do the goatee naturally. I just need to grow out my goatee from my longstanding “pitchfork” style (a narrow soul patch, and lines from the edges of my mouth to my chin, combined with how long I’ve worn it off my chin since, jeez, after I got out of high school. Pearboy called it that, and the name stuck for me.) to the full on beard looking thing. And color it white. Blood relation #4 did mention that they sell bleach that’s facial hair friendly, but then she started rambling on about after you’d bleach it, you need to mix in like purple and/or green to get them to override each other to get silvery white. And all that is assuming that the bleach doesn’t damage the hair to begin with. And my hair isn’t that healthy as is. Still, it’s either that, or just use some sort of silvery/white styling gel, which-might- flake off all day. But the black latexy stuff I have now doesn’t flake off, or doesn’t seem like it does, so…. I’ll see. I have time to think about it, but I have almost… carry the 1…. times 2… hate math… like 3 months. Huzzah for procrastination!

Then I’ll wear last years costume on Saturday this year, and Roshi on Sunday. I’ve seen enough people wear the same costume consecutive years, so I guess it won’t be too bad if I do that again. I -did- change my Star Wars costume from 2 years ago over the one that I wore 3 years ago, still. Just need to find some other anime/manga people to do a skit with.

AOL had some fashiony things again today on the homepage. See, I pull up the windows, but then shrink them fast before they load, and look at them later when I know no one is behind me.

Okay, upon further review, one article was about how they hoped Gwen Stefani would become a trendsetter for “extreme” hairstyles on the red carpet. Bleh. Too much of that kind of stuff just looked like mixing and matching different styles on the same head, sort of like how a lot of the old D&D monsters are lame blatantly piecemeal ideas like “Oh! We’ll take the arms of a bear, the head of a lion, and the legs of a horse!” instead of something, y’know, new. (Gah, comparing hairstyles by way of D&D. I bet that doesn’t happen often.) Reminds me too much 80’s hair too, but I guess that cyclical style silliness is working it’s way back around. I like hair symmetrical, so sue me.

The other one was about dresses at the Golden Globes. The general idea still seems to be that flowing/form fitting is good and frumpy/excessive is bad. And, y’know, something that covers up in a decent manner. Doesn’t really seem to be too hard a concept to grasp. Makeup isn’t really my thing, as I still prefer a gothy kinda look, and everything else in that respect just looks, well, generic to me.

Read an interesting theory on Spider-Man 4, that Sony is so gung-ho about moving forward without Raimi and Maguire because they’re worried that any major delays will attract Disney’s lawyers who are looking for kinks in the contract. Apparently, (I -still- think that’s spelled “apper” at first) they’d rather ditch the (sadly) proven moneymakers and start over from scratch instead of deal with Disney’s lawyers. Sony also does acknowledge that the Mouse’s lawyers will be analyzing everything they do with a fine tooth comb to look for some goof they can exploit to get control of Spider-Man back asap. Still, yikes. Sounds fun, dunnit?

Guild meeting went well. Still a low turnout, but better’n last weeks. Band stuff tomorrow night. I needs me practice.



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