Jim Beamed Ahnenerbe TV

A moderate 125 today.

Freaking dog started barking it’s head off for like 15 minutes straight once the oil delivery showed up at like 7AM. I mention yet how much I hate dogs?

Sent my Future Shock submission out today. The labels I used for the addresses didn’t look like they stuck completely around the edges regardless of how much I smashed them down, but, well, gah. Out of my hands now. Now I just need to forget about it for 6 weeks to 6 months. *crosses fingers*

Heard on the radio that a guy had the cops called on his mountainy home for playing John Denver too loud. The guy says he was “rocking out.” >.<

1 Day to Dark Avengers #13!

Went back to my chaotic ebil character in Fallout 3. Well, re-did the character with a save point right before you leave the Vault. I have a concept I like for as much as the game lets you build around that. So the idea was to focus on Big Guns, Repair, and Speech. (My lawful ebil Ghoul Girl didn’t have much more than 20 points in Speech until like level 8 or 10, and as such my smooth talking with her barely works.) But you don’t get enough ammo for Big Guns until, at least that I know of, you get to the Capital Ruins and encounter the Super Mutants with all their gatling guns and missle launchers. But I didn’t really want to put a lot of points into Melee, or Explosives to start, as I -think- the points from Little Leaguer on the off Perk levels might be enough to do that. But the super exploder build I’m sorta working towards with Perks like Size Matters and Demolitions Expert and Pyromaniac doesn’t leave a lot of room for Lockpick and Computers. GAH!

Ghoul Girl has a high lockpick, but jack for computers. So I figure my lawful good Cyborg Guy can focus on Science (and Unarmed) to get that out of the way. But going through Megaton again with Exploder Guy, I’ve been reminded of all the places I didn’t loot before blowing it up playing through as Ghoul Girl. (I only went for Lucas Simms’ place and the Armory before, and decided to not bother with any of the other places after noticing that Moira’s shop and Burke’s house were too hard to break into.) So I -want- a character that focuses on Big Guns and damage (Shishkebobs and Explosives) and there’s a lot of perks to work around that, but I’m at a loss, again, for the secondary stuff. And it’s more difficult than I imagined to get bad Karma if you’re not looting everything in sight. Sure he can talk to people better than Ghoul Girl, but the lockpick thing is starting to bug me.

And if… when… I re-do Ghoul Girl, I might just focus on Melee for Ninja related shenanigans. (And Lockpick and Sneak) Though I don’t know if the Chinese Officer sword would be enough, nevermind finding it early enough to be worth it. Hmmm… So that would leave Ghoul Girl 2.0 with Melee/Lockpick/Sneak, Cyborg Guy with Unarmed/Science/???, and Exploder Guy with Big Guns and…. um… crap. Back to the drawing board.

2 Days to new Supernatural episodes!

Talked to Computer Girl briefly last night. She’s, well, to put it simply, my dream girl. Granted we “met” over the muhmorpuguh we both play; I joined a vampire Roleplay (or just RP for short) guild her RP guild was allied with, and our characters got along, and things just went on from there. The vampire stuff lost momentum, and then I started my own RP villain guild and asked her to join, and that’s when I noticed the extent of her…. quirks. I had invited another slightly wackier friend of mine to join the same guild, and Computer Girl, pretty much 2 minutes into talking to Wacky Guy, pitched a fit believing she was being personally attacked and all my in-game friends hate her, and her participation in any of -my- RP based stuff has been all but nonexistent ever since. We still talk though, mostly out of character (or OOC) but the bulk of the in character (or IC) stuff we do,  is centered on her characters, which, are, well, different. And I’m stuck on superheroes and supervillains. Since the game we play is based on superheroes and supervillains.

Anyhoo, I’ve seen a blurry pic of her and she’s seen a couple decent pics of me, and we talked over the phone, uh, once.

We do have a -lot- in common though, between pop culture interests, personal styles, and entertainment interests. But the biggest problem is that she’s on the other side of the !#%&*^$@@!#^ country. And the biggest obstacle to -that-, well, okay, the second biggest obstacle after me not having the money it would take to fly over there, is that she’s so misanthropic she makes me look like the life of the party by comparison. (And trust me, I’m sssoooooo not a party person.) Which, really, if I lived in the same city as her, it wouldn’t be an issue, because I don’t really like hanging out with a lot of people anyway. I’d be more than happy to just hang out with her. But… I need some more incentive to get my ass over there than meeting a girl I’ve never actually met in real life (or IRL). So I -was- trying to plan it out that I’d fly over there with 2 other friends of mine and we’d all go to a big convention and they could do stuff on their own and then I’d hang out with Computer Girl and we’d meet for like dinner and such. Aaand then that promptly blew up in my face.

My two other friends, who were married, long story short, split up. (More on that later, possibly. I’m still trying to get my comic books and alcohol back from their house.) And then Computer Girl started whining about how she would hate being around all the people at the convention and she wouldn’t know anyone and she’d be miserable, implying that I was -trying- to find the worst possible thing to drag her to. So. So much for that idea.

So now that you have a little bit of the context, as for last night. Computer Girl also hates the Lady of Cats, (more on that later, possibly) and was complaining about the LoC being the prime candidate to take over the guild I founded. (I’m passing it on due to my not having the time, mostly due to the band and my possibly going back into theatre, or interest to rebuild the group.) So in between her complaining about that, and no, she’s not a member of my guild, and her gushing about Avatar (I still don’t really care to see the movie.) she managed to quickly sneak in a line about how I could hang out with -her- characters more. BUT! She demands “unique” character’s. And she’s annoyed that, in her words, I keep remaking my own guild characters to put them in her guilds.

My jaw about hit the floor when I read that.

First off, my main RP characters are in my guild, but as for the ones I “remade,” I only did that -once- because I thought she -liked- the character. And I moved an obsolete version of my leader guy to her other group because she kept going on about how her one character would get along with my leader guy. The other characters I’ve moved to her groups (ninja man and werewolf) didn’t fit in my group. They aren’t -there- anymore. I’ve told her I don’t know how many time that of her main guilds, I’ve been at a loss for characters to make for some of them, since her guild concepts are so left field for me. And unless I really get into a character, I will be bored to tears trying to stick with it. In the muhmorpuguh world, they call it “alt-itis.” Means you have trouble (for any one of a number of reasons) sticking to one character and you keep making new ones. I have altitis pretty bad, and so does Computer Girl. But I’ve also noticed that the last couple of times I have created characters for her guilds (whether they were carryovers from my guild or not) after we’d do a character introduction, the next time I’d see her online, she’d be playing the characters she knows I have no concepts for. I know she’s playing some weird game with me, and she even joked that she can’t help it that I’m a step behind the characters of the moment. But… still… *sigh*

And no, I haven’t brought up my counter argument to her, because I’m really tired of arguing with anyone right now

On a slightly more upbeat note, band practice went well. I’m still far from, y’know, good, only been playing on and off for a few months. Need to get the coordination down, but I think I’m getting better at that. Band guy insists I’m good at keeping a beat, which in his book is all I really need. I’m not out to be a like technical wizard or anything, but I would at least like to be able to consider myself a competent musician one of these days.



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