An’ so I says to ’em, “Yeah baby! Yeah! I’m the Evil Midnight Blogger!”


Looking for more information about me, huh? Well, to some things up, I’m a gaming geek who’s also interested in music, writing, comic books, movies, and books.

But I’ve also slowly been developing interests in more offbeat stuff like the Food Network and fashion, and left field things like America’s Best Dance Crew. I also don’t talk to many people on a “friend” basis, but those that I do talk to, a lot of this stuff, I’m not so enthusiastic about discussing with them. (I have an image here. =-p) So I figure why not just ramble on anonymously over the interwebz? Even if I don’t know who’s reading this, at least it gives me a chance to get stuff off my mind in -some- format. And hey, if -you- find it interesting, all the better.


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