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Planning concluded

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So there I was, nice and thin with a girlfriend. And then I went through that Satanist phase. Which lead to a stay in the mental ward, and a school transfer, and a couple months of eating nothing but a fruit pie for lunch at school. Before I knew it, I wasn’t so thin anymore. Drastic action needed to be taken. Sadly, what caught my eye this time was a commercial for a particular brand of diet pills. I saw no evidence at the time that you couldn’t substitute those for half the day’s meals, so I figured what the hell. I was sort of getting results, what’s the worst that could happen? (And yeah, now I know that the “worst” is basically everything, but I digress.) After around 3 months of taking the diet pills on and off, I got my first maybe-I-should-stop-taking these scare, and that was the end of that. But I was still like 145 pounds.

Skip ahead a while to a local concert I went to during winter when it was like 15 degrees outside. In the club, the people I was with wanted to be as close to the band as possible. So when the headlining act hit, I ended up spending like an hour and a half approximately 2 feet away from the business end of a smoke machine. And remember what I was saying about this being during winter? Well, we were soaked with sweat by the time we left, so it seemed like a grand ol’ idea to walk the couple blocks from the club to the car without our jackets on.

The next day, I woke up feeling horrible. Okay, just a cold, I hoped. By the end of the day, I realized it was the onset of the flu. And the next morning, I felt even worse. And when I woke up 2 days later with freaking pink eye, it was almost funny. I had never been that sick in my life. When I finally got to the doctor the next day, I’ll never forget his reaction. In the examining room, he stepped away from me to look at my chart. Then he looked at me again, inched back, took another look at the chart, inched back again, and then he finally spoke. “You are still very sick, and will need some time to recover. You’re also very contagious right now, so I recommend avoiding contact with others as much as possible.” What was hilarious was that he still kept inching back as he talked, till his back was to the door. And right after he said “possible” you could faintly see the cloud of dust from when he slipped out the door and called for a nurse.

My friends dubbed this period when I was sick with everything at once my “lichification,” because when I finally showed up again after spending two weeks on my death bed, I was like 15 pounds lighter. (And I know it’s bad to have to explain a joke, but a “lich” is a wizard who purposefully turns himself into an intelligent zombie that can use magic, thusly becoming immortal in the process.) My transformation into a lich has been the running gag with friends of mine ever since I dropped below 135 pounds. That’s geek gallows humor for you, I guess.

That’s also why when #3 comments about thin people versus fat people, he says I don’t count because I have a flesh eating disease. Plus there was my hernia surgery that seemingly also had the side effect of stapling my stomach. (I was having major trouble processing food after said surgery, which lead to periodic 10-14 hour long bouts of intense pain. Took some time, but I’ve been able to keep that problem in check.) Ungodly levels of pain aside, I’ve likened the experience to having suddenly gained the stomach capacity of a 6 year old girl. So these days I really have to be careful about what I eat. Can’t eat too much because I’ll either get sick or, y’know, gain weight. But I also need to eat enough to actually maintain weight.

A few months after all that, I got a stomach virus around Thanksgiving. (Which has to be the worst time of the year to be unable to eat much of anything.) That knocked me down to 118, which I hadn’t seen on the scale since my back surgery. But that was also when I started getting this odd burning sensation in my lower back. Signs pointed to that possibly having something to do with loss of muscle mass, and getting back up to 121 or so seemed to make that burning sensation go away. And that’s why about 121-123 is my current goal. Of course, I slowly crept back up to 134 pounds again. A last panicked push with some increased diet and exercise stuck, and I haven’t gone over 130 ever since. I’m at about 126 now, so my goal is reasonable.

But I’ve also noticed something else. At 130, I wanted 127. Then I’d hit 127 and be thrilled. Then I’d stumble into 125 and be ecstatic. And then I’d lose momentum and be back at 127. So when I was at 130 I felt, well, fat, and 127 felt better. But after hitting 125, 127 felt just as fat as 130 did. 127 became the new 130, if you will. And I’m sure 124 will be the new 127.

Oddly enough, I get asked every now and then if I’ll ever “go back” to being as big as I used to be. My approximate response is always “Oh fuck no” regardless of how much my sweet tooth screams in protest. Granted I don’t really have anything to show for my effort, but… no. I’m not going back.

It’s also come to my attention via Twitter that my *holds the tip of a thumb and pointer finger a hair apart* tiny obsession with my weight may classify as anorexia. And… I’m not sure how I feel about that. I mean to be honest, I see the mantra “skip dinner, wake up thinner” and I can’t really bring myself to argue with it. And for as much as people comment on how thin I am these days, I get annoyed when I see a guy thinner than me. Oh, I think, he has to have a girlfriend. Maybe if I was as thin as him, I could actually get a girl too.



And this is why I hate planning

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Well… long story short, I had big plans for last weekend, but things didn’t go as I’d hoped. Umpteenth suicide attempt, if you’re curious. I had intended to make the attempt Saturday night, but I didn’t even get that far due to an impromptu minor car wreck earlier in the day. Which is why things are a bit later than usual this week. The specifics of my plans or how they were thrown off aren’t really important right now, and my lack of reacting quick enough to use the wreck to my advantage has me too depressed to explain them any further anyway. So I’m going back to what I had previously intended to post this week.

Many moons ago when I was but a young lad naïve to the ways of the world, like most my age, for all intents and purposes, I didn’t care when I ate, what I ate, or how much of it I ate. I was a chubby kid growing up, but I figured that was just how it was. I mean I hated my relatives for teasing me about it, yeah, but there were some kids at school just as pudgy, if not more so, than me, so I took it as normal. Some kids were athletic and fit, I wasn’t. That’s just how it was. Didn’t really cross my mind that I had any control over this for a long time.

I think my heaviest was around 185 pounds. And considering that I stopped growing at 5 foot 5 and a half, it wasn’t a good look for me. (I apologize if you don’t use American measurement systems. Math and I have never gotten along very well, so I would be the last person to try to convert that to stones or grams or whatever measurement system you use in your neck of the woods.) Now you might be wondering, “Hey, haven’t you said that you’re 5 foot 6 and a half?” and you would be right. Quick story!

I was born with a bad case of scoliosis, and I forget the exact numbers, but something like a 1.5 grade to the curve of your spine is normal. They recommend surgery at like 2.5. My spine was at like 3.2. So as a reward for my extremely screwed up genetics, I got two steel rods inserted next to my spine to straighten it out. And when I finally made it to my grandmother’s for post-surgery recovery, I had this weird feeling of vertigo walking around the place. Then it dawned on me that I had literally been straightened out, and was thusly about an inch taller. The disorientation came from everything being an inch lower than I remembered. Bit trippy, getting used to that.

Anyway. When reality finally sunk in and I realized, “Damn. I’m fat.” I began a lengthy period of trial and error to determine how to best lose weight.

One of the things that I had to plan my life around when I was growing up, was that I was frequently sick in the stomach. Granted a lot of this could be attributed to my nerves even as a little kid, but my parents were also fond of a late night snack back in the day. Hungry? Have a bowl of soup. Or some cereal. Or a sandwhich. Then off to bed in less than an hour. And of course, by the next morning. “Oh, you don’t feel well? Hmm. Ah well, we’ll get you some medicine.”

I saw a TV show somewhere along the lines about healthier living that advised to stop eating before you go to bed. And the exact numbers escape me, but the rest of it was something like you really shouldn’t eat like 2 hours before you go to bed. Sound plan, I thought, and I’ve abided by that rule pretty much ever since. And guess what? Almost immediately after I started watching how late I ate, I all but stopped getting such a frequent upset stomach.

And of course there’s the obvious stuff like cutting back on junk food and soda and the like. And then exercising, well, at all, in my case. But things weren’t progressing enough at first, and my hardcore sweet tooth wasn’t helping either. And then I got that previously mentioned back surgery which was like 8 or 9 hours on the operating table, and 6 months of recovery. Now I would like to point out that when I was barely able to move because my back had been cut wide open so my spine could be fused and bolted straight with two steel rods, the LAST thing on my mind was how much I weighed. At the time I had been growing my hair long, so I admit I was focused on that, but I really never noticed during my recovery that I was dropping weight like crazy. All in all, I lost like 50-60 pounds during that whole ordeal. And I was absolutely thrilled. My hair was long! And I was THIN!

And, oddly enough, this was also when I started dating a girl who was… hrmph, I’m trying to think of how I can phrase this so I don’t sound like an asshole, but I’m at a bit of a loss. So screw it. When I look at the opposite sex, I mentally file women my age into three categories

-Attractive. This encompasses “hot” girls who are thin or toned or curvy in all the right places or whathaveyou. See also, Out of My League.

-Average. An average girl can still be incredibly good looking, but she has a few extra pounds. Theoretically, averages girls are in my league in the dating pool.

-Big. This should be self explanatory. I’m sorry, but I do not find this attractive. And if I lost the weight, so can you.

Now the girl I started dating around this time, let’s call her #5, who also became the aforementioned longstanding girlfriend, was attractive. Well built. Pretty. On the other hand, the girl I dated for a bit before her was a bit on the pudgy side. Big boned, if you will. She was nice, but I will be honest, she’s one of the girls that would not be the first pick of the dating pool. My point here is that once I finally slimmed down enough, I was able to get a desirable, attractive girlfriend. Call my perception of life warped if you will, but a lot of what and how I think was developed through crap I actually went through.

And at that, we are to be continued! And you can relax, I’ll be here for a while. My plans take some alignment of the stars level arranging, so it’ll be some time before I try anything major again.


Oh, so it’s only a thousand exploding suns now?

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Did the Jim Beamed thing scare people off? It’s a song title, nothing more, honest! Here, new rule, song titles for general posts, related titles for posts that stick to a subject.

So! 125 today. The stomach exercises are definitely working now to the extent that I haven’t gotten the horrible pain under my hernia mesh stuff, but whether or not it’s actually flattening the stomach, hard to tell.

And with that out of the way, the rest of this is about the Sentry. If you’re curious about the character or like the character, you might find the rest of this post interesting. If you don’t like the character or don’t care or whathaveyou, well, dunno what to tell you.

I couldn’t wait any longer for Dark Avengers #13, and looked up the spoilers online. See, the Sentry is my favorite Marvel Comics character. Or, well, was, anyway. When he was introduced by Paul Jenkins, the Sentry, who’s also the most powerful hero in Marvel, was super confident, intelligent, and powerful. His alter ego Bob Reynolds had mental issues (agoraphobic, schizophrenic, and some other things) and his arch enemy the Void was just as powerful as the Sentry. Then it was revealed that the Void and the Sentry are both aspects of Reynold’s personality and the Sentry “powerset.” So it was decided that the only way to stop the Void was to make Reynolds, and the rest of the world, forget the Sentry existed. No Sentry, no Void. The world lost it’s greatest hero, but a powerful threat to earth was also removed at the same time. This particular series was off on it’s own though, and wasn’t considered a part of the mainstream Marvel Universe.

Cut to a couple real time years later, and another Sentry miniseries written by Jenkins is released. Now it’s revealed that a young Reynolds drank an experimental serum that was a modified version of the supersoldier serum that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. (Keep in mind, Captain America is “peak human” by Marvel standards, which is comparable to Fedor Emilianenko, if Fedor was as good at every sport known to man as he is at fighting. The Sentry, on the other hand, is godlike in his level of power.) And there’s nothing special about Reynolds, the serum would have done the same to anyone. But the government doesn’t want to recreate the process, because they can’t control or kill Reynolds. See, Bob was just a kid looking to get high when he stole the serum. And when he got the powers, the -first- thing he did was become the Void. Having a few screws loose though, his mind developed the Sentry persona as well to balance out what he was doing.

The balance thing tied into the Sentry for a while, as for every good thing the Sentry did, the Void swore he would do something equally evil to counter it. At the end of this series, the Sentry threw the Void into the sun, and that was seemingly the end of it, for a while, anyway. Still sorta simple though.

That basic element to the Sentry is what I like. He’s a caped hero, super strong with energy manipulation powers (the trifecta of stuff I like about superheroes) and he has the unique quirk that his alter ego is insane. And his arch enemy is the evil split personality of his alter ego. Sort of like Wonder Jonathan from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Remember when Jonathan did… something… to become super competent and popular, but to balance it out, there was a monster that only he could beat? See? Cool!

After that, (or during that, I don’t remember offhand) Brian Michael Bendis became the writer of New Avengers, and the Sentry was put on the team. But Bendis had to “update” the Sentry’s origin to introduce the character to the Marvel Universe proper. So now, Reynolds admitted himself to prison for killing his wife, and he’s been using his vast psionic powers to make the world think he existed by giving the Marvel universe version of Paul Jenkins the idea to put him into comic books in Marvel. But now the Sentry is a rookie hero that needs to be told what to do. And he was mindscrewed by D list X-Men villain Mastermind to think that using his powers would lead to the “devil himself” coming to earth. So that was the explanation for the Void. But instead of Reynolds being a few sandwiches short of a picnic and the Sentry being competent, now the Sentry is just as unstable as Reynolds.

Then Secret Invasion hits. And in the middle of a fight, before even really doing anything the Sentry panics (he tends to do that a lot since Bendis started writing the character) and flies off into space, where he sees the Void in orbit around a planet. The next we see the “Sentry” he’s all black with a black speech bubble (the black speech bubble is the accepted technique to show the Void is talking), and the Black Sentry tells a horrified Lindy (the wife of Bob Reynolds) that everything will be okay, as “he” will do what the Sentry couldn’t do and protect her.

Another miniseries was released after that, with more of an old school, 60’s and 70’s era vibe to it, called The Golden Age of the Sentry. This series touched on some of the adventures that the Sentry had back in his early years.

Before I get too carried away though, I should also mention that Marvel tried to pull off a hoax with the first Sentry mini, that Stan Lee actually created the character before the Fantastic Four, making the Sentry Marvel’s first superhero. But Stan forgot about the character until some old sketches were discovered. Which isn’t true, of course. Jenkins created the Sentry. I think it’s funny, but a lot of people are overly unamused that Marvel has tried to shoe-horn the Sentry into old continuity. There’s a lot of Sentry hate out there for that matter. A lot of people think he’s too powerful for Marvel, which I disagree with. A lot of people also think he’s too similar to, take your pick of Superman (being really powerful, simple costume design), the Samaritan (having a supercomputer make his decisions for him), and Marvelman (the whole “forgetting he was a hero” thing.) Once again, I think that sort of mixing and matching of tropes is par for the course in comics. Anyhoo…

Back to the Golden Age of the Sentry. This series sort of mused on the idea that the serum Bob drank actually tapped into the power of a cosmic being from another universe. And towards the end of -that- series, as a dying Sentry gets into a fight with the Void (who’s established as a shapeshifter) and the last thing the Sentry does is transfer his own power into the Void. I forget the specifics, but the Void decides to carry on as the Sentry. Or something.

Now we have the Dark Reign of the Marvel Universe, where Norman Osborn “leads” a secret group of villains known as the Cabal. (At first it was Dr. Doom, Loki, Namor, Emma Frost, and the Hood. Save for the Hood, they’re all characters who previously wouldn’t give Norman the time of day.) The kicker is that Norman had an enforcer to keep the Cabal in line, but the comics never showed who it was. All signs pointed to the enforcer being the Void, as the Sentry is a member of the Dark Avengers team lead by Norman. Much debate ensued on the interwebz though. People gave theories as to why the Scarlet Witch, Molecule Man, the Beyonder, or even Marvelman were Norman’s Secret Enforcer.

So the Dark Avengers book turns the Sentry into a bit of a Kenny style joke, where he’s killed off every other issue. And when the Sentry wasn’t dying and mysteriously reappearing, Norman was trying to get on the Sentry’s good side, to convince him that the Void didn’t exist. But every now and then, the Sentry’s eyes would go black, and he’d have the black speech bubble. So just what was going on? Dark Avengers 13 is supposed to explain the mystery of the Sentry.

Well… Norman did… something… early on in the Dark Avengers timeline to give the Void control. The Void tells Norman he owes him one. Norman tells the Void he’s going to be his secret weapon. The story shifts to a sequence where Lindy shot the Sentry with an alien gun, and it looks like she kills him. Then we get Lindy explaining the “real” story of the Sentry. So now an adultish addict Reynolds took the serum looking for something to get high on, and the serum turned him into the Sentry. But Reynolds got addicted to the power of being a superhero, and tried to make himself -look- like one, but Reynolds was only ever in it for the power, not to actually be a hero. This is sort of similar to the themes Jenkins’ was touching on at first, that Reynolds was addicted to being the Sentry, even with all the problems it caused. Lindy then -theorizes- that the Sentry’s power is similar to that of Moses or Jesus. The Sentry wakes up, as the Void, makes a crack about being “Galactus… the destroyer of worlds” and gets ready to kill Lindy. (Galactus is a cosmic godlike being in Marvel considered a force of nature, that “eats” planets by absorbing their energy.) The Sentry persona pops in, and starts fighting the Void in his own body (sort of like how Gollum would argue with himself in the Lord of the Rings movies). Sentry panics, again, and flies off into the sun to kill himself and get rid of the Void.

But the Void keeps telling the Sentry he’s a coward and it won’t kill them. The Void then coerces the Sentry into letting him take control so the Void can actually get things done, like “the last time.” End of issue. Next issue: The Void Rising!

So there’s some controversy over the issue on the interwebz. Yeah, I know, what -don’t- people argue about over the interwebs, but I like the character, so I’m going to talk about it. Ha-HAH! Anyhoo, some are taking the Void too literally when he says he’s Galactus, but I’m of the opinion that the Void was creatively saying he’s comparable to a deadly force of nature.

The other thing is the religious implications. They’ve been saying for a while that the Sentry’s had a god complex, but they never actually said anything before like he got his powers FROM the Christian god. Granted it’s not explicitly stated, but the odd comparison was made. Here’s hoping that it’s just that, a comparison, but we’ll see in the next issue.


The Darkness

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A strong 125 today.

Forgot to mention that last night was a sleeping “aide” night. Been doing that for a while now since the Paranormal Activity debacle. The only regular night I do it though is Sunday, since I tend to stay up until anywhere between 3 and 5AM Friday and Saturday nights. I know I shouldn’t do that, but it’s nice to have some peace and quiet and time to myself. Only other time I take the sleeping aide are the nights following any restless nights. Somewhat related, had a weird dream about traveling somewhere with my blood relations where we were all packed real sardinelike in some white jeep like vehicle. The thing that stands out though was that one blood relation started talking to me about the cover band he saw me playing in. Which is funny, considering that I’ve only been practicing bass since November, but more on that later.

Sat down for dinner again today. So far so good there.

Sam’s Club sure are taking their sweet time with my contacts. 7-10 days from January 7th, and still nothing. Going to call them tomorrow. Depends on when the stuff shows up, but this may screw with my previous schedule of a new pair Monday mornings, which is only annoying because I’ll need to change all the reminders I programmed into my cell phone that every other Sunday was time to switch contacts. Grrr.

2 days to Dark Avengers #13!

Marvel announced a new book today called Her-Oes. It’s supposed to be pronounced “heroes” but it’s still one of the worst names for a comic, ever. Could be interesting though, it’s one of those “the superheroes are teenagers” things like Iron Man: Armored Adventures. But it focuses on Wasp, “Jenny” She-Hulk Walters, Ms Marvel, possibly Valkyrie, and it looked like Namora will be the main antagonist. And it’ll be written by a woman. Sounds amusing, but it’ll also be done under Marvel Adventures, which is All Ages, which is slightly dumbed down, so… we’ll see. Might get the first issue just for amusement’s sake.

3 days to new episodes of Supernatural!

Day 10 of the Master Roshi goatee experiment. For my next costume for the main comic book convention I go to, it was either gong to be Roshi or Darth Malak. But in light of the whole band thing absorbing my pretty cash, and the con schedule being goofy last year with the new building I figure I’ll just go for Roshi for now, and slllooowwwllly start working on Malak. And Malak would be the most intensive costume I’ve ever done by far, so better to spend some time on it and do it right. I still think I can pull it off, even if I’m somewhat short. ‘Sides, for Roshi, all I need to do is buy the kung fu shoes, pants, and shirt, all of which I should be able to buy off of one site for pretty cheap. Then it’s a matter of getting the big sunglasses, which shouldn’t be -too- hard. After that, it’s down to just letting my goatee grow out.

The thing about that though is that a bushier mustache gets annoying quick. Stuff gets stuck in it, (oil from stuff like pizza being the worst) and it sticks with you for the rest of the day, and… blagh.

It would be part of the point though of my doing the Roshi costume anyway, as I -do- resemble the character, and I could do the goatee naturally. I just need to grow out my goatee from my longstanding “pitchfork” style (a narrow soul patch, and lines from the edges of my mouth to my chin, combined with how long I’ve worn it off my chin since, jeez, after I got out of high school. Pearboy called it that, and the name stuck for me.) to the full on beard looking thing. And color it white. Blood relation #4 did mention that they sell bleach that’s facial hair friendly, but then she started rambling on about after you’d bleach it, you need to mix in like purple and/or green to get them to override each other to get silvery white. And all that is assuming that the bleach doesn’t damage the hair to begin with. And my hair isn’t that healthy as is. Still, it’s either that, or just use some sort of silvery/white styling gel, which-might- flake off all day. But the black latexy stuff I have now doesn’t flake off, or doesn’t seem like it does, so…. I’ll see. I have time to think about it, but I have almost… carry the 1…. times 2… hate math… like 3 months. Huzzah for procrastination!

Then I’ll wear last years costume on Saturday this year, and Roshi on Sunday. I’ve seen enough people wear the same costume consecutive years, so I guess it won’t be too bad if I do that again. I -did- change my Star Wars costume from 2 years ago over the one that I wore 3 years ago, still. Just need to find some other anime/manga people to do a skit with.

AOL had some fashiony things again today on the homepage. See, I pull up the windows, but then shrink them fast before they load, and look at them later when I know no one is behind me.

Okay, upon further review, one article was about how they hoped Gwen Stefani would become a trendsetter for “extreme” hairstyles on the red carpet. Bleh. Too much of that kind of stuff just looked like mixing and matching different styles on the same head, sort of like how a lot of the old D&D monsters are lame blatantly piecemeal ideas like “Oh! We’ll take the arms of a bear, the head of a lion, and the legs of a horse!” instead of something, y’know, new. (Gah, comparing hairstyles by way of D&D. I bet that doesn’t happen often.) Reminds me too much 80’s hair too, but I guess that cyclical style silliness is working it’s way back around. I like hair symmetrical, so sue me.

The other one was about dresses at the Golden Globes. The general idea still seems to be that flowing/form fitting is good and frumpy/excessive is bad. And, y’know, something that covers up in a decent manner. Doesn’t really seem to be too hard a concept to grasp. Makeup isn’t really my thing, as I still prefer a gothy kinda look, and everything else in that respect just looks, well, generic to me.

Read an interesting theory on Spider-Man 4, that Sony is so gung-ho about moving forward without Raimi and Maguire because they’re worried that any major delays will attract Disney’s lawyers who are looking for kinks in the contract. Apparently, (I -still- think that’s spelled “apper” at first) they’d rather ditch the (sadly) proven moneymakers and start over from scratch instead of deal with Disney’s lawyers. Sony also does acknowledge that the Mouse’s lawyers will be analyzing everything they do with a fine tooth comb to look for some goof they can exploit to get control of Spider-Man back asap. Still, yikes. Sounds fun, dunnit?

Guild meeting went well. Still a low turnout, but better’n last weeks. Band stuff tomorrow night. I needs me practice.


Binary me

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Well, got to do most of what I wanted today. Went with the cherry pie instead of the cake, for what it’s worth. >.>

Actually sat down for dinner. Still have to favor my left thigh, but the leg strengthening exercises seem to be working, if incredibly slowly. Didn’t have any stomach problems either, well, nothing major, so it seems to be the case that if I don’t eat too much and sit down while doing it, I’m okay.

My last two comics were actually Star Wars: Legacy and Secret Six. Legacy focused on Cade Skywalker and some of the Moff silliness. (I still have a little trouble keeping all of the political factions straight, and the Moffs are the worst for who’s who. It’s getting like the Wheel of Time where it’s hard to keep track of all the characters.) I can’t believe I’m actually starting to like Cade. Jariah is pretty cool too, but he did something nasty with a Jedi that gave even me pause, though I don’t remember the specifics. Left a female to slavers maybe? It was something that made me go “Ew.”

Secret Six was okay. Picked up from what I’m guessing was the Suicide Squad Blackest Night one-shot. Still hate Catman, but at least Black Alice is sticking around. So that’s two characters I like, her, and Bane.

Read a few more pages of Rule of Two. I -really- need to finish that so I can read the new Wheel of Time book and then finally the Dresden Files books I’ve been sitting on, but the Dredd Case files Vol 2 should be showing up soon too, and I never even finished reading Vol 1, so, gah. And on the 2000AD note, I won’t be able to send my Future Shock submission out Monday due to Martin Luther King Day, so that’ll have to wait until Tuesday. At least I’ll have time to get everything ready to go though. Should be a slow day tomorrow at the office.

Played Fallout 3 for a while with my ebil assassin ghoul girl. Just hit level 14 and got Contract Killer, but I’m still up in the air on the effectiveness of the character, just like with every detailed RPG I play, the first character I do ends up getting scrapped after I get a hang of the rules and get an idea of how to streamline builds. I still can’t remember if I put any points in Energy Weapons at first, but I do still wish I’d went with Commando over Gunslinger. Started using Sydney’s Ultra 10mm finally, but I may just stop on small arms and focus on Melee, since the Chinese Sword does go better with the ninja concept and Perk. Still, the cyborg/energy weapons/unarmed  good guy and the heavy weapons chaotic ebil guy are nagging at me to go back to them. Gorram alt-itis is catching up to me in console games. T_T

Warning: Lots of muhmorpuguh speak in the following two paragraphs.

Didn’t get to do a Strike Force in the Isles. Ended up on a Mothership Raid, which is a lag fest like you wouldn’t believe but it nets a ton of Vanguard Merits. I did get enough to buy the Vanguard boots, though my Black Adam analogue doesn’t really need them. We switched to running lowbies after that, and I got 3 levels on my zombie science guy. Had some troubles with the power pools, didn’t know what to pick. Went with Leadership, but Assault seemed a bit of a bust with the  zombies, um, dying, so I need to either respec or set up a dual build to get rid of that in favor of Medicine, but -that- will be a pain to redo all the macros. *sigh*

Tomorrow night is guild meetin’ night, but we’re still a shell of our former activity levels, and I have no desire to do major recruiting anymore. I did finally make the Lady of Cats a co-admin on our forums, maybe we’ll finally transfer leadership of the group over tomorrow night for something to do.

And like I usually do, left Food Network on during the Raid. Worst Cook in America was on, which is sort of a blah show. Jen, the goth rockabilly girl is cute, but the other girl with the massive glasses is like Velma from Scooby Doo made flesh and she creeps me out. And Beau seems to be nasty for the sake of it and comes off as a major jerk, but Battalli’s assistant (wow, didn’t know how to spell that word at first) girl isn’t much better.

Hey, posting during the midnight hour! Heh. And I think I’ll start naming these by the song either playing as I finish typing the draft or running through my head at the time. The song I listed at the start was a little -too- generic, so we’ll go with this one instead, even if it is incredibly obscure.



Posted in Miscellaneous with tags , on January 17, 2010 by Johnny Broken

Had the strangest idea this morning as I was lying in bed, getting ready to drag myself out. “Y’know what might be interesting? I’ll start a blog!” And this place seemed like as good a place to start as any.

I have all sorts of things that I’m interested in that I don’t talk about to anyone that knows me. (Why? Couple a’ reasons, we’ll get to those when they come up.) Or the people that I do know and tell these… well… some of these things to, they just nod their head and do the “Uh-huh.” thing. I get that alot. So just humor me here and lemme enjoy rambling on about various things to complete strangers.  The plan was to do this on a nightly basis, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m feeling chatty now, so I’ll start out, uh, now, but normal updates should be made nightly. Blog what blogs at midnight and all that. If something extra nifty comes up and I can sneak it in here otherwise, I will, but I make no gau-ran-tees.

So it’s early… and I see that I need to edit my timezone here, so I’ll get to that. Weighed myself after getting up, as I understand that’s a good time to do it. Some silliness about calories burned off while sleeping (not that I’m a nigh insomniac anyway) gives you a fresh start if you weigh yourself just after you get up and before you eat anything. So, yeah, I’m a “strong” 125lbs, where the little indicator thing is on the far right side of the 125 mark notch. Which is still good, I guess, but the gut is still there. I don’t need to lose any weight, I just want a flat stomach. Blasted holidays and blasted baked goods. Ah well, hopefully my stand-up stomach crunchy exercise routine will work like it looked like it was going to before and it’ll flatten the old tummy out again. Just need to be careful to work around the hernia surgery spot pain, but I -still- think there’s some weird balance I need to achieve with what I eat to make that pain go away.

Had too much for lunch, a plate covering serving of chicken, stuffing, and gravy. Didn’t look like much at first, but cutting the chicken up sure did spread it out over the plate. The question now though is whether or not I should get a piece of cake before getting in the shower. And yes, I know I was just complaining about having a gut, but I need to make sure that I get the most bang for my buck, so to speak, out of what I eat. If I eat too much, my stomach quits working right and I end up in horrible pain. So I try to nickel and dime my eating, mixing healthy stuff (yeah yeah, gravy not healthy) with high calorie stuff. Like cake. And my blood relations are trying to get me to put on a few pounds anyway, so the pies and such have been plentiful. Ugh. Blasted societal perceptions of image.

Sundays are usually my off day anyway, where I -prefer- to get in muhmorpugging, video games (Fallout 3 currently, lots more on that later), and reading the last of my comics (Um.. what’s left? Gotham City Sirens and Star Wars Legacy. Lots more on Star Wars and superheroes later too. Hey, I admit I’m a geek.) bought earlier in the week. But I’ll get to those after I log in to the Isles for a bit. Still in a zombie mood. Don’t know why. But my scientific zombie guy needs some levels, though I won’t be able to get in enough for a Strike Force later on tonight with my guildmates. But hey, I can always try.

So I should be back later on tonight after logging out the first with observations from the rest of the day.